A Brief History

HAWKINSON_portrait_2005-445x446Tim Hawkinson was born in San Francisco, California in 1960. He graduated from San Jose University in 1984 and received his M.F.A. from the University of California in 1989. He works in an array of concentrations, including painting, photography, film, drawing, installation, and even sound. Some of these forms are often combined together. “Tim Hawkinson has a talent not just for invention, but for reinvention.” He is extremely unique and his unorthodox methods are a common thread throughout his elaborate and diverse collection of projects.  Much of the time Hawkins’s work is made from hardier and industrial materials like stone, cardboard, and heavy duty plastic sheeting. He also works in more delicate mediums as well including hair, feathers, fingernail clipping, and eggshells.  Each of his projects develop differently and in an interview Hawkinson states “I don’t adhere to a particular working method. I try to remain open to different attitudes and ways of working. Sometimes it’s really specific, like a material suggesting an idea. Other times its an idea and you find whatever’s most suited to it.” This type of openness and undefined attitude is one of the reasons Tim Hawkinson is a Post Modernist artist. Even though all of his work is so varied Tim Hawkinson seems to maintain a balance of grand schemes and big concepts with careful constructions and private obsessions.


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