Tim Hawkinson is a Post-Modern 3D artist because of his use of unorthodox materials and blatant rejection of traditional, structured, and rigid art. He exemplifies this in his works Sherpa, Point, Überorgan, and many more . Tim Hawkinson’s artwork varies from piece to piece so drastically in both scale and in materials. Hawkinson’s work is not just simply sculpture because he does not simply sculpt, he dives deep into every piece of art and is involved intensely. His work is very untraditional because of his use of very strange materials, but not only is it unique through materials and mediums, it is unique due to the incorporation of sound and technology. Although every single piece of his work does not incorporate all of these elements, the complete body of his work can be classified as post modernist art.

82403909.BEBC6arL.uberorganUberorgansherpaSherpa, 2008tumblr_ml1szi6l4i1qcg3zwo1_400point, 2009


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