Neo-Dada Themes

A lot of Tim Hawkinson’s work presents themes from the Neo-Dada era. It is not Dada because his works are not purely ready made and does not raise any questions of what art can or cannot be. His work does however resemble some of the Neo-Dadaists work. An example of how his work may call back to Neo-Dada is through the comparison of Rauschenberg’s Monogram and Hawkinsons Sherpa.Rauschenberg; Monogram, 1955-9 Rauschenberg’s piece is a combine and is made of ready made and found objects li ke the taxidermied goat and the tire that wraps around it. One could say that Hawkinson’s Sherpa, which is composed of various bird feathers, is also made of found objects. There is also the obvious similarity which is the idea of using parts of dead animals as well. Another way some Neo-Dada themes shine through his work is through his incorporation of sound. John cage was a Neo-Dada artist who played music that had no notes in it and said that the listener should pay attention to sounds that are already in the environment. John Cage believed that audience participation was important and even though Tim Hawkinson did not focus entirely on audience participation the sounds that emanate from Überorgan certainly blend into the environment that the audience is in.sherpa


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